Casier Recycling continues the life's work of the Huughe family by elaborating  a modern scrap yard with weighbridge and qualified staff members.



The perfect partner for the very best recycling of all kinds of metals.

In 2012 Casier Recycling took over the company of Huughe Metalen from the brothers Patrick and Thierry Huughe. This yard, located in the industrial zone along the Wiedauwkaai in Gent, was immediately developed into a full-worthy and modern scrap yard. The terrain was completely hardened, a 60-tons weighbridge was installed and an administrative unit was constructed.
In addition to the reception of scrap waste from existing clients of the family company Huughe metalen, this yard is further developed as a regional hub for the collection of scrap coming either from waste processors or from local scrap dealers and this yard must reinforce and optimize the logistic chain of the Casier group.